Testing Oat milk latte coffees

Oat milk iced lattes now launched!

After a series of unexpected delays and challenges, we're thrilled to announce the long-awaited arrival of our oat milk iced lattes! We understand the anticipation and excitement surrounding this launch, and we couldn't be more grateful for the patience and support of everyone throughout this journey.
Bringing this product to life hasn't been without its hurdles. From sourcing the finest ingredients to ensuring the perfect blend that meets our high standards, each step presented it's own set of obstacles. Yet, we've overcome these challenges to present you with a beverage that we're genuinely proud of.
Our oat milk iced latte coffee isn't just another drink on the market; it's a byproduct of determination, a D.I.Y attitude, and our passion for being a copilot to your everyday adventure. Crafted with premium oat milk and organic coffee beans, this beverage embodies our commitment to quality and sustainability.
Here are a few images from over the years of landing where we are now.
This is the first idea I had for lattes the idea of tattoo influenced style branding 
First draft of oat milk iced latte coffee
Joel and I started playing around in the idea of tattoo styled but using Australian animals as mascots. 
And then it was onto testing flavours
And here we finally are, its been a journey but I couldn't be more stoked with the outcome.
Can of finished oat milk latte coffee
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