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About us

Bellmott started with 4 mates and a goal; to create a company that reflected our lifestyles in music, skating & art - but what was the thing that connected them? How did we all fuel the fire, support our passions, and keep those creative dogs howling? The answer hit us - duh - it was coffee. 

We knew we weren’t the only ones staying up late to write a riff we couldn’t get out of our heads, or at the skatepark well into the night battling a trick we were determined to land – all after our full-time jobs. More than things we do for fun, these are our self-expressions, our styles, our way of life. So we wanted to create something that would give not only us, but our whole community the energy to keep creating.

Just simple, strong coffee, that tastes good, travels well, and is easy on the environment. 

With Bellmott we’re taking the same approach we always have. Staying up late, or getting up early because we love doing this. It’s learning to ollie all over again, it’s learning the first set of power chords. Trial and error and the D.I.Y. approach is in our DNA. Forever on the outside looking in, just a bit more caffeinated and hydrated while doing it.