Ash Forever

Ash Forever

It is with true sadness to inform you that co-founder, coffee guru, and friend Ash Bannister tragically passed away.

I first met Ash when I was looking to do some coffee for a clothing brand I was a part of and we quickly became mates, his knowledge and experience within the coffee industry blew me away. And one day I asked him to be part of this crazy idea I had called Bellmott.

I had no idea about coffee and he knew that but he guided me through everything and never made me feel like I was stupid or below anything, his faith in Bellmott kept me running when all I had was fumes after continuous setbacks. I knew in my gut he was the right dude for the job.

We always talked about shaking up the coffee industry one can at a time and we often joked about fate bringing us together to create something unreal.

Bellmott will continue but we are slowly just figuring it all out for the time being.

Ash’s gofundme link is in the bio if you feel obliged.

Thanks Tom

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